Who may operate a pleasure vessel in Hong Kong waters?
Anyone over age of 18 with valid Pleasure Vessel Operator Certificate  .
Which Government Department is responsible for pleasure vessel license?
Marine Department, located at 3/F, Harbour Building, 38 Pier Rd., Central, HK.
Tel: 2852 4941.
How is the examination being conducted?

One should answer 40 multiple choice questions in each part of the Pleasure Vessel Grade II Operator Certificate exams. (Candidate must take both Part A & Part B together in the first attempt, passing rate is 70% or more) .Written test & Oral test will be required in Pleasure Vessel Grade I Operator Certificate.

How much is the examination fee?
HK$1,255.- per each certificate.
What is the validity of the licenses?
The license Valid up to the holder's age of 65, regular renewal is then required afterward. No license fee is required!
What would be the costs to maintain a pleasure vessel in Hong Kong?
All depends on the type & condition of the vessel.

For instance, a 6.5 meters long speed boat equipped with a 150 HP outboard engine would cost:
Transfer of Ownership $355 *
License Fee $670 (per year) *
Mooring or Hardstand $3000-$3800 (per month)
Insurance (third party only) $1200-$1500 (per year)
Routine Maintenance $4500(per year)

Prices quoted are for reference only and are subject to final confirmation by Marine Department and various service providers.